10 Reasons To Use

  1. Salt-Away is the most concentrated and powerful salt-removing product available on the market. 1 litre will make up to 512 litres of salt remover, which stops salt corrosion and saves you money.
  2. Salt-Away combo kits only use 40-60mls to flush your engine, and then it will remove all salt from your boat, trailer, fishing and dive gear. You only need to use one product to do all this — Salt-Away. Use 40-60mls up to 90hp, 80-100mls for all engines over 90hp and it leaves a protective film in your engine.
  3. Salt-Away will remove salt from all wiring, electronic circuit boards, and will leave a protective film to stop COSTLY erosion.
  4. Salt-Away can be safely sprayed on fish finders and chart plotters to safely remove the salt to stop scratching expensive screens.
  5. Salt-Away should be sprayed on fish bins, filleting tables, boat bilges and smelly hands to stop all fish smells.
  6. Salt-Away should be sprayed on all canopies, clears, carpets and upholstery — even yacht sails to remove the salt and keep them like new.
  7. Salt-Away should be used to soak dive regs, dive computers and dive cameras to keep them like new.
  8. Salt-Away should be used in all saltwater marine toilets to keep them working perfectly and stop them smelling.
  9. Salt-Away should be used on all trailer brakes (disc/drum) to clean and protect them, i.e. can use up to 20% Salt-Away to water for extra protection.
  10. Salt-Away should be used to protect your tow vehicle as well. Wash under body and don’t rinse off, wash upper body and rinse off.

Flushing Instructions

  1. Put 40-60mls Salt-Away concentrate in mixer cup for under 90hp motor, and for 90-300hp use 80-100mls to flush your engine, wash boat, trailer, fishing and diving gear.
  2. Connect Salt-Away mixer to flush muffs.
  3. Connect hose to Salt-Away mixer and have mixer set to rinse position.
  4. Turn on water supply.
  5. Ensure you have a good water supply.
  6. Start your motor and let it run for 3-5 minutes to allow the thermostat to open.
  7. Now turn mixer to Salt-Away position.
  8. You will see bubbles coming out of the exhaust.
  9. Give it about 30 seconds to a minute maximum after seeing the foaming action.
  10. Turn motor off, then turn mixer to off position.
  11. Connect spray nozzle to mixer.
  12. Have sprayer set to misting or fan type spray.
  13. Turn mixer back to Salt-Away position.
  14. Now wash down your boat inside and out.
  15. Then trailer, axle, trailer brakes, rollers, springs, draw-bar, coupling, mud-guards and wire winch.
  16. Don’t forget the back of your tow vehicle (most people do).
  17. Now do up the drag of your fishing reel, and spray your rod and reel with Salt-Away. Leave Salt-Away on to protect from salt corrosion, no need to rinse off.
  18. Salt-Away will not hurt your rod, reel, nylon or braid.
  19. Let it air dry, then release the drag.

NOTE: SALT-AWAY’S SALT BUILD UP REMOVAL PROGRAM (for overheating engines or older engines)

Flush your engine according to the engine flush directions 4-6 times in sequence, waiting at least 24 hours between flushes. During this process do not expose the engine to salt water, if possible.

If flushing using Engine Flush Bag, mix at 512:1 Salt-Away Concentrate; i.e. 65 litres water to 125mls Salt-Away.

Note: Stronger mix will last longer and work faster and can be used for up to 3 months. Recommended by leading Engine Manufacturers.

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